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During my term as the County Councillor for Margate & Cliftonville I was able to access funding for a new dedicated worker to assist businesses in Cliftonville through the Cliftonville Partnership (Margate already had their own business organisation). These were very difficult times and when Pam Pople was appointed to the role (I think I remember it to be around 2006/7) it took considerable effort just to get things moving.

Almost a decade on, Pam is still tirelessley pushing things forward but I sense a new and growing spirit of cooperation developing recently. One example is the new promotional campaign for the Cliftonville Partnership that is currently underway and I would urge all business in Cliftonville to support the Partnership if ever they possibly can.

Only by working together will we embed a deep sense of pride here in Cliftonville and our local businesses should clearly be key drivers in that cause.

The flyers below are being distributed across Cliftonville and businesses can join the Partnership for what is less than £1 a week.



AT THE START - The Cliftonville Partnership.

Clive Hart
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