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The Ethelbert and Athelstan Road Conservation Area was adopted and designated at TDC Cabinet on Tuesday evening.

It was also agreed to consult on designation of an Article 4 Direction in respect of this area. When an article 4 direction is made by the local planning authority it restricts the scope of permitted development rights in relation to a particular area. Article 4 directions are used to control works that could threaten the character of an area of acknowledged importance.

The move to progress a roll out of a series of further conservation areas across Cliftonville was made during my leadership term at the council and the first of those schemes has taken some considerable time to get to this stage.

I understand that this process can't be rushed and that full and proper consultation has to be carried out, but we also need to proceed in a purposeful manner and I will urge TDC to move as swiftly as possible with the other five schemes we propose.

The report to Cabinet also suggested the following order of roll out:

1 Edgar Road/Sweyn Road. 2 Norfolk Road/Warwick Road/Surrey Road. 3 Clifton Place/Grotto Gardens. 4 Northdown Road. 5 Clifftop.

Moving forward with a series of conservation areas in Cliftonville is good news indeed. Designated properly, in conjuction with the numerous housing intervention projects already underway, they will move us up yet another step of the regeneration ladder locally.


Clive Hart
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