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There can be no doubt that the Turner Contemporary was the recent catalyst which started to change the fortunes of Margate again. The latest exhibition is another wonderful feast for local people and visitors alike. Just think about it - a decade ago - who would ever have thought we'd see a Van Dyck self portrait hanging on a wall here in Margate? Never mind all the many brilliant masterpieces we've been blessed with over the past few of years.


I have always been very clear in my support for the gallery, but as a KCC opposition member for Margate and Cliftonville from 2005 I was also quite rightly very angry at the enormous and costly delays which were simply unforgivable at that time.

The regenerational effects of the project were held up for at least two years because of the lack of understanding of local geography and I made the poor interaction with local people and their combined expertise very clear to the KCC leadership on many occasions.

Scan 40.jpeg

Article in YourThanet newspaper from 2008.

However, in 2008 KCC finally saw sense and relocated the gallery on to dry land - exactly where it should have been all along.

The rest is a histroy of success after success and I praise all involved for their tenacity and commitment. The Turner Contemporary has done us all proud and put Margate well and truly - back on the map!


Clive Hart
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