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REFUSED - Planning application at Adams Gas and Leisure Margate

On Wednesday 18th February the retrospective application for containers, silos and vaporizers at Adams Gas and Leisure in Bath Road, Margate returned to the TDC planning committee following our recent site visit. The planning officers recomendation was to approve the application but that proposal was swiftly overturned by the committee.

I explained to the committee that although the original report had been updated by officers and external agencies in relation to oxygen storage and comments made by Kent Fire and Rescue, the recent site visit had raised serious concerns regarding the visual impact of the proposal.

I further explained that at the site visit, which I chaired, I had made sure that the application site was viewed from various adjacent public locations and this had exposed the full visual impact for residents and vistors.

I therefore moved REFUSAL of the application on the basis of the negative visual impact on local domestic dwellings and the Shell Grotto tourist attraction.

My proposal was immediately seconded and the committee gave it their overwhelming support.

In addition to these discussions this evening I also asked the council to:

Firstly, and in the short term, contact the Health and Safety Executive and ask them to meet with local residents to reassure them that all the relevant safety monitoring is taking place.


Secondly, and in the longer term, the TDC Economic Development team contact the site owner with a view to exploring the possibility of finding an alternative and more appropriate 'out of town' location for the operation of the business.



Clive Hart
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