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A picture taken at a recent joint ward sugery with my colleagues Linda Aldred and Doug Clark. We have been the ward councillors for Cliftonville West for nearly 12 years - elected by residents on 3 occasions. Before 2003 Linda had already spent many years in community education development, based at St Paul's Road. Since 2003 she has also held roles in community development through the NHS and a local housing organisation that also covered Cliftonville. Doug is a longstanding local JP of several decades, a well respected multiple local charity worker and a former Mayor of Margate. For my own community record please click on ABOUT at the top of this blog page.


After 12 years as councillors for the most challenging area of Thanet my colleagues and I are standing down in May. We wish whoever is elected the very best and despite taking a well earned break, we have agreed that we will do all we can to help keep the focus on Cliftonville West in the future.

We became the very first councillors for Cliftonville West back in 2003 and have been re-elected on 2 further occasions, each with a hard earned and ever-increasing vote. We've worked extremely hard week-in, week-out for all 12 years. We've provided a regular resident joint councillor ward surgery since the very day we were elected back in 2003. Our phones have rung almost every day and we've helped literally hundreds of residents with complicated personal and confidential issues. We have also regularly hand delivered over 100,000 newsletters keeping our residents fully informed every step of the way and certainly not just at election times.

We have fully supported a whole range of initiatives in our ward both as members of the opposition group and the leading group over the past twelve years. Whether in opposition or as part of the ruling administration, we have always been closely involved and consistently offered information and advice to support and often improve these schemes.

Just a few examples are scheme’s like Thanet’s first Neighbourhood Dispersal Area, our Housing Renewal Area status, the Safer and Stronger Communiteis Fund, the Cliftonville Development Plan Document, the Task Force, the landlords Selective Licensing Scheme, the No Use Empty campaign, the roll out of Conservation Areas and a whole raft of Housing Interventions against the very worst offending properties through the Live Margate project.

All these initiatives have helped to stem the awful neglect that our area had suffered for several decades before Cliftonville West was first created through boundary changes back in 2003.


I take offence at a postcard I discovered this morning that I know is the brainchild of one particular resident who, despite his claim to be anti-party politics, is actually out at weekends campaigning for one particularly opportunistic national political party.

The postcard promotes his website.

If you do visit 'HIS' website please go to the following pages:

"WHAT'S NEW" and you will see - nothing.

'OUR TEAM' and you will see that he also boasts of a wonderful team of one - himself!

'CONTACT US' just him again.

The website map points to central London though the website also says HE meets at the Electronic Cigarette Shop in Northdown Road.

The real Cliftonville Residents Association, with whom we have a long and very positive relationship are understandably very worried that their long established and hard earned title and reputation has to some extent been hijacked.

I'm leaving party politics so will say no more, but my parting wish is that the local residents that we've represented for well over a decade are not hoodwinked by someone with negative and very detructive political motives.

Action is more than seeing the world through the bottom of a glass, propping up a bar and moaning about anything and everything.


Scan 41.jpeg

THE NASTY POSTCARD BEING DELIVERED: Please note that for staters he gets his own address wrong - there is no Norfolk STREET in Cliftonville. That's just like saying Sandwich is in Thanet.

Bless him!



Clive Hart
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