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I am delighted to be joining the NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group governing body.

I have been very fortunate to acquire many years of experience engaging and involving the public and have consequently also gained an in-depth knowledge of the local community here in Thanet.

I look forward to putting this experience and knowledge to good use within an organisation that I truly hold dear – our NHS.

I will work to continue the championing of community empowerment and to ensure that patients and the public have a voice when it comes to decision making within our local NHS.


NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has appointed two new members to its governing body.

Dr Joseph Braga is a GP based at Northdown Surgery, Margate and will formally join the governing body on 1 April.

The CCG has also appointed Clive Hart as the new lay member for public and patient involvement.

Mr Hart is the former leader of Thanet District Council and will be standing down as a district councillor when he replaces the existing lay member, Dominic Carter, on 1 April.

NHS Thanet CCG Clinical Chair, Dr Tony Martin, said: “I’m very pleased to welcome two new members to the governing body. Dr Braga has been based at Northdown surgery for many years and brings a wealth of clinical experience and an in-depth knowledge of Thanet.

“Apart from his specialism in headaches, he also has an awareness of the needs of older people in the population and the needs of those in Thanet’s less affluent wards.”

He added: “The appointment of Clive Hart as the CCG’s lay member is also a significant and positive step.

“His local government experience is complemented by his knowledge of the community and the voluntary sector. This understanding is essential for the role, and is of great benefit to the CCG.”

Two existing GP members – Dr Mark Elliot, who is based at Minster Surgery, and Dr Tariq Rahman, who is based at Cecil Square Surgery, Margate – have been re-elected to the governing body.

Dr Andrew Walton of Westgate surgery will be standing down from the governing body from 1 April, but will retain his position as clinical lead for mental health.

Dr Martin added: “I’d like to thank the former lay member, Dominic Carter for his work over the past two years and contribution to the CCG. The role is an important one, and we’ve been particularly fortunate to have had Dominic’s input.

“I’d also like to thank Dr Andrew Walton for his work on the governing body, but am pleased that he will still be the CCG’s mental health lead. Mental health is a priority for us, and Dr Walton’s experience is highly valued.”


Clive Hart
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