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Wonderful tribute to Mo Walls in today's Gazette.

Here's our thoughts in a letter published in the Extra earlier this week:

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It is with great sadness that we learned of the sudden death of Mo Walls, Chair of the Grotto Hill Area Street Scheme in Cliftonville.

Mo really was the backbone of her local community and following her election as Street Scheme Chair she also became a key member of our Cliftonville Community Forum through through its formation way back in 2003.

Mo was an 'ever present' resident leader who attended our ward surgeries on an almost bi-monthly basis for each and all of the twelve years before we stood down earlier this year. She would regularly turn up with a long list of issues that she wanted action on and there was always a request for help involving another individual resident who needed our support in one way or another. She understood the big issues but never forgot the personal matters relating to her fellow residents.

A 100% community character, for many years Mo even carried a gabble mallet in her handbag 'just in case a meeting broke out'.

Working together and in partnership was second nature to Mo and we will always remember her as the lively lady, supporting and encouraging others to help make a difference to our local neighbourhood at numerous community events over many years.

Mo will be sadly missed by the people of Cliftonville.

Linda Aldred, Doug Clark & Clive Hart - Former Cliftonville West Ward Cllrs - 2003 - 2015.


Clive Hart
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