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After twelve years as a locally elected representative I stood down from my council duties at the end of March to concentrate on even more important matters at NHS Thanet CCG.

My new role has been a steep learning curve and as with so many changes in life, I decided to support this latest change with some 'alternative therapy' in the garden.

With weekends now generally speaking my own again, and after way more than a decade of being on call 24/7, it was time to enjoy the long and hard investment we'd also made in creating our little corner of heaven here in Cliftonville.

Gone were the endless newsletter deliveries, ward surgeries, phone enquiries and public events. For virtually the first time in my life, weekends were now dedicated to tranquility and relaxation.

We also made a very conscious decision to 'stay local' this summer, just to make the most of our garden at long last.

Summer is now officially over, but for me, 2015 was the most peaceful in a long, long time!

Clive Hart
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