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The leadership of Patient Participation Groups from GP surgeries across Thanet came together for our bi-monthly Health Reference meeting at the QEQM Hospital today.

Many health topics affecting local Thanet residents were discussed, including the east Kent 'Time for change' summary document, outlining the many challenges facing our local NHS. Members were also updated on the relationship between the east Kent activities involved and the wider NHS Sustainability Transformation Plan process for Kent and Medway.

A very helpful session took place regarding the many different ways in which individual Patient Participation Groups organise their activities supporting patients across Thanet and best practice tips and initiatives were shared between the many groups represented.

Members of the reference group also helped to inform a forthcoming Thanet CCG 'self care' project through collectively offering their views on ways that local people could be supported with their own individual health issues and maintaining healthy lifestyles in the future.

As the Health Reference Group Chairman I cannot thank those who attended today's meeting enough. The PPG Chairs and their assistants do consistently hard work behind the scenes supporting their individual GP practices and it's a real pleasure to work with them on Thanet-wide matters. Their local knowledge and experience is invaluable and we at NHS Thanet CCG are very grateful for their support.


Clive Hart
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