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Communications and engagement progress report December 2016

It gives me great pleasure to update NHS Thanet CCG Governing Body today on recent communications and engagement activity.

Firstly, a big thank you to Rob Hustwayte for bringing this report together.


NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group recognises that listening to and acting on what matters to local people is key to the delivery of our commissioning intentions and plans.

Engaging and communicating with patients and local people to jointly design and commission services will make them a more active and powerful resource. It will also help us to gain a much better return on the money we invest in local services.

A summary of recent activity is included below.

1.1 Patient and stakeholder engagement

Since the last Governing Body meeting, our Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement (PPE), Clive Hart, has continued to promote and encourage public participation in health and care matters both here in Thanet and across east Kent.

The success of our ongoing campaign to recruit members of the Thanet Health Network is shown by the steady growth in numbers (approx. 140 new members in the last two months). Clive's monthly Health Network Bulletin is keeping our Network members well briefed and helps to maintain regular contact with members outside of our specific engagement projects.

Chairs of our local GP Practice Patient Participation Groups form our Thanet Health Reference Group. This continues to grow in size, with many Thanet practices now represented. Clive chairs the group which provides two way communication both to and from the CCG, thereby helping us to cascade information to patients right across Thanet.

Working relations with voluntary and community sector organisations are also growing stronger. A Kent Mental Health Summit hosted by Social Enterprise Kent and a networking event through Thanet Community Support Partnership have provided Clive with excellent opportunities to strengthen working relationships.

Through regular attendance at Thanet Local Children's Partnership Group and Thanet Adult Strategic Partnership, Clive is able to further support health and wellbeing initiatives and promote public engagement in health and care matters across the district’s generations. His new position as Vice Chair of our Thanet Safeguarding Committee also covers both children and adults.

Regular meetings with Healthwatch Kent are proving very beneficial as they provide yet another valuable and independent perspective through which to view our own engagement processes.

The PPE Lay Member role has widened and, working closely with fellow PPE Lay Members, patient reps, Healthwatch Kent and voluntary sector leaders across Thanet, South Kent Coast, Ashford, and Canterbury and Coastal areas, Clive has now entered another three month period as East Kent PPE Subgroup Chair. Through this role he also sits on the full East Kent Strategy Board (now Delivery Board).

In October Clive attended a 'Service Change and Public Engagement' conference at Grayling's offices in London covering the whole of the south east and, although he stresses there will quite obviously always be room for improvement and that we must not become complacent, Clive is pleased to report that in Thanet, and across the wider east Kent, public engagement processes appear to be working appropriately and, generally speaking, at the right levels.

1.2 Integrated Accountable Care Organisation

The integration of health and social care has been acknowledged as the way forward, as the means of delivering better care and improving quality and outcomes for citizens, as well as efficiencies across the system.

Following an initial public event held in May to discuss the emerging model of care, we have fed back to attendees and continue to deliver and plan activities to promote clinical and stakeholder engagement.

A core narrative was published in October, setting out why we are integrating health and care in Thanet, how we are doing it, what has happened where so far and what is planned next, and how local people can get involved. It is available on the CCG website along with the partnership agreement underpinning the development of integrated care in Thanet.

We will add further documents to the page as we develop them so that it is a useful resource for the public, patients and carers, our partners, staff and anyone else who is interested.

Going forward, we are developing case studies and video materials demonstrating emerging examples of integrated care being delivered through the IACO, including the Acute Response team (launched November 2016), joint working with paramedics in primary care and the frailty service.

1.3 Transforming health and social care in Kent and Medway

In November, we, working with the other NHS organisations, social care and public health in Kent and Medway, published the draft Health and Social Care Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). It sets out our collective vision for how, as a health and social care system, we think we can ensure better health and wellbeing, better standards of care, and better use of staff and funds, so we can all meet the changing needs of local people.

There was significant coverage of the draft STP, by BBC TV and radio, Meridian TV, and local papers.

We published a summary of the draft plan and a link on our website, where the full draft plan is available, to our health network and PPG chairs. It was sent out in a similar way by all organisations involved across Kent and Medway, and sent in a co-ordinated way to stakeholders including MPs, Kent Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, district and borough councils, and Healthwatch Kent – who distributed it further. The summary, Transforming health and social care in Kent and Medway, a set of frequently asked questions, and a glossary are also on our web page, to make it easier for people to understand the complex information in the draft STP.

People are asked not just to read the summary but also to help shape the future by completing a survey which asks for views on how better access to care and support in people’s local communities could be delivered.

By 30 November, more than 1676 people had completed the survey.. It runs until 23 December 2016 and the link is

Anyone interested in the future shape of healthcare in the Thanet area is asked to visit the CCG’s website, , to complete the survey, read the summary – entitled Transforming Health and Social Care in Kent and Medway – and join our Health Network to stay informed and have their say.

The Kent and Medway STP encompasses work already under way in east Kent to consider the future shape of local services. The East Kent Strategy Board is becoming the East Kent Delivery Board within the STP structure. It will continue, as now, to come up with recommendations for future services in east Kent, which will also take full account of the wider picture across Kent and Medway.

A Clinical Board will oversee the transformation of care across Kent and Medway and a Patient and Public Advisory Group will advise the entire programme to ensure local people’s views and concerns are taken into account in recommendations developed by the STP Programme Board.

By working both locally in east Kent and as part of a wider group across Kent and Medway, we can ensure that our plans take into account all the different factors that need to be considered.

To promote awareness of the STP and the Thanet health Network, a roadshow event was held at Westwood Cross shopping centre on 29 November 2017. Public deliberative events are being planned to share more information and seek views and representation for the public and stakeholders in early 2017.

1.4 Kent and Medway stroke services review

NHS Thanet CCG is part of a Kent and Medway-wide review of stroke services, which is looking at the care that people receive immediately after having a stroke (the hyper-acute /acute phase).

The aim of the review is to deliver clinically sustainable, high-quality, hyper-acute / acute stroke services for the next 10 to 15 years that are equally accessible to Kent and Medway residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Following an extensive programme of engagement with the public and clinicians, further engagement took place in September and October 2016 with stroke survivors, family, carers and members of the public who had been involved in previous engagement activities.

This comprised five events held in key areas in Kent and Medway designed to update participants on the detailed work that had taken place to develop and shortlist options since previous engagement, and to explore any outstanding issues people may have.

Issues raised by participants included concerns about funding, workforce and travel times.

This feedback formed part of information presented to the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 28 November. It will inform the next stage of shortlisting the potential options, which will be presented to the CCGs and consulted upon next year.

1.5 Eating disorders service

Service users and carers are being recruited to take part in the formal evaluation of the procurement of a new all-age eating disorder service across Kent and Medway area. Their views have already been used to inform the questions which will be used within the procurement process.

1.6 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

We are working with the other CCGs across Kent to re-procure targeted and specialist mental health services for children and young people. This procurement is being carried out in parallel with one being led by Kent County Council for emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people.

Between July and September we worked with 100 children, young people and parents who have experience of children’s mental health services to find out what they want from services. They were recruited via a broad range of community and youth groups, peer support and clinical services and fed in their views via a short survey, Facebook groups, and face to face meetings.

Their views have helped to draft a Patient Charter, setting out the standard for mental health services for children and young people and their families.

South East Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) is also supporting patient and parent representatives from across Kent to be part of the procurement evaluation process. In September, patient and parent representatives evaluated the Prequalifying Questionnaire and Invitation to Submit an Outline Solution to help shortlist bidders.

In October, the representatives were part of the extensive competitive dialogue process. Their views were used to establish the lines of enquiry explored during competitive dialogue with bidders.

In November, all of the input from the competitive dialogue sessions, including that of service users, is being fed into finalising the service specification. The Patient Charter will be included in the final service specification and used as a means to measure the performance of the provider once appointed.

The CSU will hold a creative workshop next year with children and young people to create an interactive tool to evaluate the new service against the Patient Charter.

1.7 Wheelchairs

Service users have been part of the evaluation of the tenders for the wheelchair procurement, which is in its final stages with a decision is expected shortly. The views of

service users, patients and carers were sought to help inform the procurement of the wheelchair service. The specification was tested via focus groups, and a patient standard written and incorporated into the procurement.

A report detailing the work will be published shortly on the website. We had to delay publication due to the commercially confidential procurement process taking place. Our thanks to all those who contributed their views.

1.8 Procurement of an integrated out-of-hours services – east Kent area

Over the last year, patients’ views and experience have informed a service specification for integrating NHS111 and urgent out-of-hours medical care, along with care navigation.

We are currently running a ‘Same Day Service’ survey to understand the benefits and outcomes which patients, carers and the wider public want from an urgent care service.

This is the first step in agreeing a patient standard for urgent care which would be used to measure the performance of all urgent care services against patients’ standardised expectations. It will enable us to monitor and evaluate services in a consistent way and improve the delivery of patient care.

As of 22 November, we have had 136 responses to the survey and the survey closed on Monday 5 December. The survey has been promoted through patient groups and the Thanet Health Network.

We would welcome people’s views so please complete the survey at and let us know what you think.

1.9 East Kent Cancer Work

A new lead commissioner for cancer across east Kent has asked for patient representatives to participate in some of the cancer strategic meetings. We have supported the commissioner in drafting a person specification for the volunteer patient representative, who will be recruited through the Macmillan support groups and networks.

2 East Kent Mental health

Following on from the co-production workshops in September, the east Kent mental health team have analysed the feedback. The workshop groups across South Kent Coast chose to be involved in self-identified projects going forward.

The report is available on this this web page: east-kent /


Across East Kent, the Children’s Commissioning Team have been given the task of looking at the challenges for families accessing Autistic Spectrum Conditions/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder services.

A survey has been developed and will be sent to families who have accessed the service within the last six to 12 months. A focus group with 12 people in December will capture their experiences and the challenges they faced before accessing the service and if there was support that could have helped them.

2.2 Thanet Health Network

Over the last 2 months, there has been an increase of approximately 140 people who have signed up to the Thanet Health network.

3.1 Spreading the word through the media and other communications

Coverage of the CCG’s work continues to be positive in the local print and broadcast media.

Recent press releases have covered the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) award received in respect of the Thanet Primary Care Home programme, messages in support of winter resilience and self-care week, the same day services survey, Thanet CCG’s signing of the Time To Change employer pledge to promote mental health in the workplace, a successful careers fair hosted by the east Kent CCGs and the pilot of the Healios service, an internet platform that provides support for seven to 17-year-olds with mental health needs.

Many of the stories received a positive response on social media (Twitter) with messages re-tweeted and ‘liked’ by Twitter followers and partner organisations.

All media releases and other communications continue to be shared with partner organisations as we move towards greater integration of care.

The promotion of the Health Help Now website and app continues in both traditional media and social media.

3.2 Urgent care communications

The CCG has a national requirement to produce an system resilience plan. This is to help manage seasonal pressures. We have written a communications plan for 2016/17, as part of the system resilience plan.

A key part of our work to help people understand which service to use is Health Help Now, the mobile optimised website and app for Kent and Medway.

As of 27 November, the Health Help Now web app had been used 193,369 times by people using 153,706 devices (such as smartphones, tablets or computers). Users stay on for one and half minutes on average. Forty-one per cent of users are aged 18 to 34, 24 per cent are 35 to 44, 17 per cent 45 to 54, 10 per cent 55 to 64, and eight per cent 65 plus. Just over two-thirds of usage is by women.

The downloadable app, which launched on 9 December 2014, had been used 27,806 times and downloaded 14,463 times. People typically stay on for just over three minutes and look at 11 screens.

3.3 Medicines waste

A leaflet has been designed, advising patients on how to order and dispose of medicines responsibly, and this is pending approval.

3.4 Patient newsletter

The winter newsletter is being finalised and will be printed and distributed in December.

3.5 Digital and social media

The CCG continues to use new technologies to better engage and communicate with patients and stakeholders.


NHS Thanet CCG @ThanetHealth Nov 27 If you need health advice fast, try our new app to find the best local NHS service for you htt p: //

NHS Thanet CCG @ThanetHealth Nov 27 Pharmacists can offer help & advice on many illnesses, such as colds, which can be safely treated at home without the need to see a doctor. NHS Thanet CCG @ThanetHealth Nov 22 Transforming health and social care in Kent and Medway - take our survey

NHS Thanet CCG @ThanetHealth Nov 7 We have been named Healthcare Provider of the Year by @NAPC_NHS for our work to improve health and social care in #Thanet

Website updates

  • Various improvements to the Thanet Health Network page

  • A new pop-up banner promoting the health network

  • New Integrating Health and Social Care pages including the IACO core narrative

  • Stroke services review pages and homepage banner

  • Sustainability and transformation plan pages, news articles and homepage banner

  • Adult safeguarding and annual report summary web banners

  • 4.0 Public affairs and stakeholder management

  1. 4.1 Health overview and scrutiny

  2. We regularly update Kent County Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) on progress. The HOSC oversees the planning, provision and operation of health services under Section 244 of the National Health Service Act 2006 and amendments contained in the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

At the meeting on Friday 25 November, updates were presented on:

  • NHS preparations for winter in Kent 2016/17

  • Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Plan

  • KMPT - Transformation of Mental Health Services

  • Mental Health Rehabilitation Services in east Kent

  • East Kent Integrated Urgent Care Service

4.2 Joint overview and scrutiny

The NHS Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee met on 28 November to discuss the Kent and Medway Specialist Vascular Services Review and the Kent and Medway Hyper Acute and Acute Stroke Services Review.

4.3 Stakeholder briefings

There have been no requests for stakeholder briefings since the last governing body meeting.


Clive Hart
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