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Our Thanet Health Reference Group held its December meeting recently at the district TDC offices. The group brings together the chairs of the individual Patient Participation Groups from GP surgeries right across Thanet to help inform NHS Thanet CCG and promote best practice.

A presentation was given by the Thanet CCG Officer for the Integrated Accountable Care Organisation on 'Out of Hospital Care'. The representatives were encouraged by new projects promoting integrated working between various health and care agencies and a long and very useful discussion took place.

Updates were also given to group members on the NHS East Kent Strategy and how it is being 'dovetailed' into the wider NHS Kent and Medway Sustainability and Transformation Plan process. Patient Group Chairs were asked to encourage patients and the public across Thanet to go online and complete the associated Kent and Medway survey at

Members then discussed an initiative being promoted by a patient representative at one individual practice to help fellow patients regulate their weight and success was reported by another patient rep in relation to numbers of patients receiving 'flu jabs' and the generosity of patients in raising money for good causes.

I have to say I'm delighted with the way members of our Health Reference Group are proving so committed to helping us inform and shape projects aimed at improving health services for the people of Thanet. The group meetings have been in place for over a year now and members are proving to be a very valuable - two way - link between Thanet CCG and patients throughout the district.

Individual patients and members of the public here in Thanet can also receive more information and updates on NHS services and 'if they so choose' become further involved, by joining Thanet Health Network at


Clive Hart
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