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Local people were invited to our Thanet listening event at Global Generation Centre, Westwood last week, to support the development of plans to improve health and care in east Kent. There was a strong turnout and many thanks go to the 85 local people attended.

Our Thanet CCG Chairman Dr Tony Martin gave a comprehensive introduction to the event and there were presentations explaining the STP – Sustainability and Transformation Plans requested by the government and our progress in Kent and Medway. Rachel Jones from EKHUFT also spoke about the work on progressing the hospital work stream in east Kent.

The Thanet event (along with others across east Kent) ​were a great opportunity for local people to influence the future as we discussed first-hand the evaluation criteria that will be used to make sure any options or plans developed are robust and will work for each and every community. Everyone had time to ask questions and comment on the developing plans to transform care.

It gave me great pleasure to host the feedback session and details of all the east Kent events will be collated and reported to the East Kent Delivery Board so that the programme can take account of the issues raised.

The event also gave the opportunity for us to share and discuss the progress being made in developing integrated accountable care locally. Successful local initiatives highlighted as part of the Primary Care Home initiative included the launch of the Acute Response Team and Enhanced Frailty Service. There was general enthusiasm and positive feedback for the CCG’s strategy of developing integrated local care models based around Primary Care Homes, and we were able to demonstrate how Thanet is ahead of the curve in this respect.

Click her to see the presentations.

Clive Hart
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