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Well seriously - what more can I say?

Not sure whether I/we should be grateful or not really? Knee high grass on verges in some parts of Cliftonville have at last been cut, but - dear me - still a terrible mess I'm afraid.

I repeat yet again - as a former District and County Councillor I understand only too well the challenging circumstances local authorities are working under, but I simply can't believe the current state of Cliftonville, the beautiful place that's been my pride and joy for my whole life.

I stood down from my council duties three years ago and shortly afterwards walked away from party politics altogether, so I truly no longer have any political axe to grind whatsoever.

As frustrating as it was back then, I absolutely loved my time in local government and I truly know how difficult it can be, fighting to keep public areas looking reasonable.

However, what I now witness in the streets surrounding my home this week is an absolute disgrace and when added to the 'internet upgrading' taking place across Cliftonville and many other miles of weeds, is still far worse in scale than anything I can ever remember. We're suffering the 'double-whammy' of both vandalism and utter neglect over a massive area.

The pictures below were all taken in just one road adjacent to my home over the past couple of days, but similar standards of 'maintenance' are to be seen across Cliftonville and the whole of Thanet.

Improvement? Breaks my heart.

I say again - I don't really care which local authority it concerns or what political party is in control of matters, I just want someone, somewhere to get a grip and smarten this place up again.


Clive Hart
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